Control Valves and Sensors for Building & Process Automation

High Quality  Technology  Energy Saving

Slaney Direct specialises in the supply of Control Valves and Sensors to the UK and Irish HVAC Controls & Process Automation industry direct from Europe’s premier independent manufacturers.

Our exclusive partners are world class manufacturers using the latest technology producing best in class products at best prices. Our philosophy is under-pinned by the idea of best value, not just lowest cost.

Our I/O range is the most extensive range of specialists products in the market today and covers: 

  Air Flow     Air Pressure    Air Quality 
  Butterfly Valves    Co2    Humidity 
  Light Level    Lonworks    Occupancy 
  Pneumatic    Actuators    Power 
  Radio    Temperature    Valves
  Valve Actuators  •   Water Flow    Water Pressure


and more……………

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