Room Automation

For more than 10 years, intelligent buildings have been spega’s passion. They recognised early on the importance of room automation for the energy efficiency, flexibility of use and ergonomics of commercial buildings. These requirements led to the creation of their room automation system e.control, which represents the most comprehensive and functional system of its kind today.

To protect their customers’ investments, they consciously rely only on open standards from the room automation and IT fields. In this way, e.control combines the best-in-class LON, BACnet, DALI, SMI and EnOcean technologies with the IP world to create a uniform room automation system with a unique functional range. Active participation in the relevant organisations is therefore a logical step for them.
And since they have been committed to the sustainability of buildings right from the beginning, it goes without saying that they are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council.
The system ranks as one of the most comprehensive and functional of its kind and also complies with the most stringent requirements of DIN EN 15232 (Energy efficiency of buildings) and VDI 3813 (Part 1: Funadmentals for room control and Part 2: room control functions).

EnOcean Radio Sensor System

spega’s sophisticated radio sensor system benefits from natural energy sources by means of innovative electronics. The low-power electronics of the transmitter operates so efficiently, that it can build up its energy requirements from the light source of the environment.
The radio sensors have no need for battery or external power supply. Merely, the integrated energy storage with solar cell is sufficient to operate the sensors. spega’s radio sensor system uses a fixed EnOcean standard data frame. All sensors and receivers can then be easily combined with devices of other manufacturers

The receivers are optionally equipped with dififferent interfaces and are used as a Gateway to different higher-graded control systems.

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